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Privacy Notice


Multi Risk Consultants (Thailand) Limited is aware and gives importance to the personal data protection. And in order for the compliance of the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562, this Privacy Notice is made in order to explain the details and procedures of management and personal data processing that company derives from you. The purposes in collecting, using, disclosing, and processing data, including duration in the retention of the stated personal information and your rights as the owner of personal information have the details as follows:

Item 1. Definition

Item 2. Channels and Sources of Personal Data

Company collects, uses, or discloses your personal information by deriving your personal information via channels as follows:

Item 3. Collected Personal Data

Item 4. Purposes and Lawful Basis in Collecting, Using, and Disclosing the Personal Data

Item 5. Disclosure of Personal Data

Item 6. Personal Data Retention Period

Item 7. Rights of the Owner of Personal Data

In the position of owner of personal information, you have the following rights under the criteria, procedures, and conditions according to the regulations of Personal Data Protection Law. In order that, if you would like to use your right via the ‘Data Subject Right Request Form’ you can make contact to the company according to no. 9.

Item 8. Security in Personal Data Retention

Company selects the storage system of personal information which has the appropriate mechanism and technique. And, there is the security measure according to the Personal Data Protection Law and the related laws. Including, the limitation to the access of your personal information for only company’s related staff and employees. This is in order to prevent your personal information from bringing to be used, publicized, destroyed, or accessed without your permission.

Item 9. Contact Details

If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice, you can contact the company by this following contact details:

Item 10. Modification of the Privacy Notice

Company may have the modification to this Privacy Notice sometimes in order to make it conform to any changes related to the data processing of your personal information. And, to be conform to any changes in the Personal Data Protection Law or the other related laws. Company will inform you the significant changes via the appropriate channel.

This Privacy Notice is effective on 17th May 2022.